Top 3 Gifts for Anime Fans!

Tue, Dec 11, 18

Here are our top 3 pics for any anime lover from our anime & manga inspired apparel web store! We aim to create fashionable anime merchandise and apparel that can be added to your day to day wardrobe. 

Anime Uproar Anime Manga Inspired Apparel Seven Deadly Sins Attach On Titan My Hero Academia Overlord Black Clover

1. Escanor Praise The Sun T-Shirt (Inspired by Seven Deadly Sins) Escanor Praise The Sun Seven Deadly Sins Anime Uproar T-Shirt

2. Asta Dream Big Work Hard T-Shirt (Inspired by Black Clover)Asta Dream Big Work Hard Black Clover T-Shirt Anime Uproar Store

3. Izuku Gotta Smash Em' All T-Shirt (Inspired by My Hero Academia)

Izuku Gotta Smash Em All My Hero Academia Anime Uproar T-Shirt
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